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Astrocartography is the astrology of a place, sometimes called location astrology. 

Your astromap is unique to you and is based off your natal chart. Your astromap will show you where all the planets were at different points on the map at the exact time you were born. 

Your map tells you: 
  • Your best travel locations 
  • Where you thrive in love and career 
  • Why you are naturally drawn to certain people, cultures and countries 
  • Where you can experience the most growth and transformation. 

hey. i'm becky 


Astrology has changed my life. It has validated parts of me that I never understood. It gave me permission to be authentically me. 

Astrocartography has helped me understand why I felt so strongly when I visited the South of France as a teenager and why I'm so drawn to cultures and places in the world. It has explained why our life changed so drastically when we moved 800 miles away from our hometowns. 

I LOVE sharing this with you and helping you discover all the places in the world where your soul shines the brightest. 

Want to find where your soul shines in the world? 

I use professional astrology software and look at your natal chart, your ACG lines, parans and local space lines in addition to your relocated charts to dig into your world. 


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10 Tips for Reading Your Astrocartography Map 

Understanding your astrocartography map can be confusing. This guide helps you understand what you are looking at and what is the most important for you to reference for understanding your energies in different places in the world. 


    I'm making my way through the Astro Report over and over again because it's so much to digest. I want to thank you so much. I'm so glad I signed up for this and I'll have this with me for years to come. 


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